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Dakar & Grinser on the Road:

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Dakar & Grinser are back!!!

Their new longplay “Triumph of Flesh” stands as an absolute showcase of the band's mixture of punk, pop, general oddness and brooding. Clocking in at 59 spiky, energetic minutes, “Triumph of Flesh” creates a unique musical chemistry, and the mood of the album somehow seems angst-ridden and joyful at the same time. From their basic blueprint of angular synths, a tight, driving rhythm section and Dakar’s irresistably melodramatic vocals, the songs on “Triumph of Flesh” inspire an oblique, mystical atmosphere which is so far removed from the traditions of modern club music as to sound totally fresh and unique.

Download mp3 "Better Times" for free!

Triumph of Flesh was released on Disko B on October 28th
"... now with stronger songs and a more sophisticated, detailed electronic pop sound. Killer"
NME 7. Jan 06